Lust Virus

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What is lust?

What is the new lust?

How does it relate to the new masturbation?

What gives it such power?

How is it a virus?

How do photography and the Image Revolution spread and mutate the virus?

How does it infect and change our sexuality?

How does it destroy love?

How does it drive the pseudo-sexual revolution?

What do the new so-called “heterosexuality” and the gay culture have in common?

Is “sexual orientation,” as advertised in today’s media, fact, myth, or muddle?

Is recovery counter-cultural?

Is it possible?

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The Introduction traces the rise of solitary sex and its connection with the new lust. Shakespeare’s penetrating insights into lust in his Sonnet 129 set the stage and reveal the lust-violence connection.

Part I makes the case for the new lust and pseudosexuality by tracing the “lustification” of picture women in the media. The image of woman, lust-intensified, is used to sell. So everyone buys it—lust, that is. And we witness the progressive transformation of the author’s own sexuality into pseudo-sexuality. Imprinting is a crucial force in this process, from sexual awakening to his “coming out” into full and exclusive pseudosexuality (PS) at age 49. The “Psychology of Lust” reveals the spiritual components of the new lust.

Part II describes how we are in the midst of a powerful, though unrecognized, pseudo-sexual revolution. The work of gay and lesbian historians is used to trace the origins and evolution of the gay culture in American history. The author’s original analysis of this history surprisingly reveals that the very same forces shaping and driving homosexuality and the gay culture have also been shaping and driving “heterosexuality.” The two tracks parallel each other, as they evolve and are shaped and driven by these forces.

Lust Virus exposes the delusion in so-called “straight” sexuality by tracing the historical rise of the new lust and pseudosexuality and by showing how this is exemplified in his own personal history and that of others. And this exposes the delusional thinking across the whole orientation spectrum, putting us all in the same boat. The cultural seizure of our sexuality across the board means that our sexuality is “likely to stay vulnerable to manipulation.” Yes, our so-called “straight” and “gay” mis-orientations have been manipulated. But with the common grounds of our pseudosexuality, also come the common grounds of our recovery. The Berlin Wall of orientational apartheid turns out to be—pseudo.

In Part III Lust Virus reveals how we’ve become image junkies, how our image-connection has become the prime carrier of the lust virus, and how this has been shaping our sexualities. The role of mankind’s new mis-connection with images is so crucial to the spread of pseudosexuality that five chapters are devoted to it. What we thus have in today’s total Image-Connection is one of the most powerful forces shaping and driving our false sexualities across the board. This explains the hypnotic and addictive power of picture-mediated lust, which distorts our perception of reality and creates a cultural and spiritual predisposition to pseudosexuality in all its expressions. The stark realization begins to dawn as to why pseudosexuality and our addiction to lust are so widespread and all-encompassing, have become so much the very fabric of our lives, and are seemingly so impossible to overcome.

Part IV reveals other forces driving pseudosexuality, including Darwin, Freud, Einstein, Kinsey, the “death” of father, and the “death” of God.

Chapter 16, Implications for Recovery, is for those infected with the lust virus who identify with PS and want out. Recovery from lust and pseudosexuality must be counter-cultural. Is it possible? What would it entail, and can we survive it? Yes!

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Part I — The New Lust and Pseudosexuality
1. “Sex with the Unreal Woman”—The Boys at Duke
2. The Lustification of Picture-Women
3. The Queen of Magic—Genesis and Evolution of Personal Lust
4. The Psychology of Lust
5. The Lust-Violence Connection

Part II — The Pseudosexual Revolution
6. The Rise and Spread of the New Sexualities
7. The “Shakespeare” Scale—Pseudosexuality and Orientation

Part III — Image-Connection and the New Lust
8. The Reality Revolution
9. Image Junkies
10. “Nickel Madness”—The Moving-Image Connection
11. The New Image Religion
12. A Personal Experiment

Part IV — Other Forces Driving Pseudosexuality
13. From Ape-man to Playboy
14. The Death of Father
15. The Death of God

Part V — Where Do We Go from Here?
16. Implications for Recovery

1.   What Is Lust?
 2.   Pseudo-Woman and Fairy Queens
 3.   The “Feminine Religion” and the Tyranny of the Beauty Cult
 4.   Picture-Lust Case Studies
 5.   The Spiritual Basis of Pseudo-Reality
 6.   Image-Connection and Our Relational Capability
 7.   What Makes Lust So “Impossible” to Overcome?
 8.   Research Suggestions

Acknowledgments and Notes