SA Writings

1981Dear Abby Letters  
1981   Union
1981Sobriety and the Sea of Relativism 
1984Some Suggested Book and Program Evaluation Guidelines
1984Letter to the Fellowship: What is SA   
1984Letter to the Fellowship: SA Inventory    
1985Some Opinion; Medical and Personal on the Physiological Aspects of Male Sexual Abstinence
1985Transcripts of Talks by Roy K. at Bad Herrenalb Germany in 1985
1990The Great SA Fallacy – found in Roy K’s archives in a file among other papers from 1990
1991Letter to All Members of Sexaholics Anonymous in the Tri-State area, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
1991Principles Corroborating SA’s Interpretation of Sexual Sobriety
1996Letter to a Prison Official after Prison Visit
1996Spiritual Fornication
1998 – MayLetter to Trustees, Delegates, Committee Chairs and Intergroups
1998 – MayHistory of the SA Sobriety Definition and Interpretation of “Spouse” and “Marriage”
1998 – MayMy Appeal to Sexaholic Gays
1998 – JulyOpen letter to SA’s Leadership and the Fellowship   
2003Sexual Nurturing
2004Surrender and Accountability – Key to Lust Recovery
(Appendices include Stages of Lust Recovery and The Lusters Fear of Dying)     
2006Letter to the Australian Fellowship
2006History of the Transfer of SA Literature From SA Inc. to SA Publications and Related Copyright Issues 
2008Last Talk of Roy K.-  Greeting to the Chorus of Recovery Conference
2009The SA Traditions: A Letter from Roy K. to the SA Fellowship

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